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Chart Sermons - by Steve Hudgins

Before PowerPoint presentations . . . before overhead transparencies . . . many preachers used hand-painted charts to illustrate their sermons. Below are links to 299 charts painted by Steve Hudgins*.

You can also view these charts as a Picasa Web Album.

To download them to your computer, you have several options:

  • Download charts individually by right clicking on each link below and selecting "save link as" (Firefox) or "save target as" (IExplorer).

  • Download all charts quickly with a download manager like Free Download Manager

  • If you use Google's free Picasa photo editing software, you can go here to download the charts directly into Picasa on your computer.

  • If you downloaded the file(s) from the Download page, the charts should be stored on your computer and can be accessed by simply clicking on the links below.
  • If you use PowerPoint or similar software, you can copy a chart photo and paste it on a blank slide for your presentation.

    Photo of Steve Hudgins

    * Steve Hudgins (1919-2011) was my father-in-law, and preached the gospel of Christ for 65 years.

    He created about 300 chart sermons, and painted more than 5000 for preachers around the world.

    Mark A. Copeland

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